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Can “older” people keep up with changes in technology? Especially the

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changing video technologyCan “older” people keep up with changes in technology? Especially the changes in video technology?

I saw a commercial today that talked about how even older people were learning to use technology. That’s okay. I’ve helped people in their 80s and 90s learn to use computers.

However, the “older” person in the commercial was my age or younger. I fully realize my age. However, who do they think invented the technology they are discussing.

David Packard was born in 1912. William Hewlett was born in 1913. They met in college and founded Hewlett Packard in 1939.

Al Gore was born in 1948. (You remember he invented the internet? Actually he led the congressional support that made the internet possible.)

Paul Allen (1953) and Bill Gates (1955) founded Microsoft and soon dominated the personal computer market with their DOS operating system that evolved into the Windows OS that we all love to hate.

Or, if you are a total MacIntosh person, Steve Jobs was born in 1955 and Steve Wozniak (the “other” Steve at Apple) was born in 1950.

So I think I have a right to be miffed at the idea that it’s amazing that people in their 50s and 60s are learning to use technology.

What does all this have to do with writers using video? I think we’re in an era of affordable, easy video technology. Sure, the big companies and the expensive equipment have been around for a century.

And there are home videos of Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul, the Steves and me taken when we were children.

However, carrying a video camera around in your pocket or purse and uploading the video easily to the internet where it can be shared around the world is a recent development.

This time reminds me of personal computing before Bill and Paul released DOS and led the IBM PC to dominate the field. At any one time, one computer was “the one” to have. Which computer that was changed often.

Now, almost everyone carries a video camera around in their pocket. They call it their phone.  Who knows what we'll have next. Technology never stops developing.

Now that bandwidth costs have become reasonable, streaming video is the thing. You can use your regular webcam, or you can get an affordable webcam that handles some of the high processor requirements and doesn't bog down your computer. I love my Logitech C920.  It has a fairly decent microphone, so I like that as well. I still prefer to use my Logitech H600 headset if I'm doing a video where I don't care if I wear a headset.

If you want to learn more about how to video quickly and easily, just sign up for my video event. I'll show you an easy way to add video to your promotion activities.

Even though, apparently, I'm a geezer, I do know a bit about technology (if a 30 year career can be considered a bit).  I enjoy keeping up with the rapid changes and passing the information you need on to you in a manner that lets you apply it immediately.


If you have questions about specific equipment, techniques, or technology, leave a comment below.

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