Do You Need Ideas For Your Book Trailer Videos?

Some of my clients really like creating book trailers. Others are

book trailer videos

book trailer videosSome of my clients really like creating book trailers. Others are afraid to try. Still others don’t know where to start. But all are looking for ideas. So, how do you get ideas for your book trailer videos?

Book trailers are currently a big part of book promotion. They can be very expense, and no one knows how effective they are at actually getting people to buy the books.

Book trailers come in all varieties. Some are big production affairs, while others are very simple.  Some are very effective while others overshadow the book they are trying to promote.

Here are some ways to get ideas for making your own videos

  • Watch other book trailers to spark your creativity
  • Watch videos by other authors
  • Watch videos by book marketing specialists
  • Ask readers what book videos they like

The Moby Awards for Book Trailers is no longer active, unfortunately. Could be that there are too many trailers these days for many to stand out. It looks as if 2011 was the last year for them. Still I enjoy looking through the selections.

Here's a link for the 2010 Moby Awards for Book Trailers.

One of the categories is Trailer Least Likely to Sell the Book. Watching all the nominees in this category can give you confidence when planning your own book trailer.

There’s also Most Annoying Performance by an Author. If you are so overwhelmed by the whole idea of book trailers, you might try for a nomination in this category. At any rate, it should make you feel better about trying.

There are categories for the Best Big Budget and Best Low Budget.

One of my favorites is Biggest Waste of Conglomerate Money. This proves that money alone does not a good book trailer make.

Here is the winner of The Best Performance by an Author. It’s a great trailer. However, it doesn’t really promote the book.

Check out the nominees and the winners. Also look at the NYTimes Book Blog for their review of the awards. You’ll get some great ideas for your book trailers.

Here's a link to the 2011 Book Trailer Awards.


Do you make book trailers?  If so, what do you use to spark your ideas? Leave a comment and share.

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