Goodreads Changes: What Do They Mean For Authors And Readers?

Since Amazon acquired Goodreads, there’s been a lot of speculation about

Goodreads changes

Goodreads changes

Since Amazon acquired Goodreads, there's been a lot of speculation about what changes there will be.

On Friday, new social networking options were added. As you know, I'm all about social networking. However, these options made networking harder rather than easier.

Here is an article that outline theĀ changes.

On Monday they announced that most of the problems created by these changes have been fixed. We'll have to see how the changes and the fixes play out. I'm willing to say that I don't think the changes are over yet. I'll keep an eye on the situation and pass on the information to you.

I know that publishing is an ever-changing field. However, I doubt that authors who are long dead will have many changes (unpublished manuscripts being found notwithstanding).

What do you think? Comment with your opinions and speculation.


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