How Can You Use Video To Build Your Online Presence?

Every day I hear stories of publisher’s cutbacks. My clients understand

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build an online presenceEvery day I hear stories of publisher’s cutbacks. My clients understand that in today’s publishing world, they need to do most of their own publicity. They also understand that having an online presence is essential. An increasingly effective method is to use video to build your online presence.

Google is the most popular website in the world. It’s the way most people will find you on the Internet. Your readers might search to learn more about you. People who have heard about you might search to find your latest book or your backlist.

Google now includes videos on the first page of searches. If you have a video tagged with your name, it will appear on the first page when anyone searches for you. As a writer, your name will be your main keyword.

Putting short videos on sites indexed by the search engines will make sure your video appears with your profile on the first page of Google searches. This can be helpful if your name is shared by others. Posting videos lets people be sure who you are.

Here are some sites where you want to post short videos.

  • Your blog
    • Build your relationship with your readers on your home turf
  • You Tube
    • The largest video site in the world
  • Facebook
    • The site that’s giving Google’s videos a run for their money
  • Viddler
    • Has a great video player.
  • Vimeo
    • Has a great community

Start to use video to build your online presence. Video is a great way to build a relationship with your audience.

What are your favorite video sites? Leave a comment and share.

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