Do You Have To Use Videos To Build Your Online Presence?

It seems that every time I open an email or a

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build an online presenceIt seems that every time I open an email or a webpage, a video starts playing. At least almost every page has a video on it if it doesn’t start playing automatically. You’re probably thinking that you have to add video to everything else you are suppose to be doing to build your online presence.

Maybe you do and maybe you don’t. We have become screen watchers. We watch the television, the computer screen, and now our smart phone screen. Attention spans are shorter.

However, videos are extremely effective right now. They've become inexpensive and easy to do. (If you don't know how, stay tuned. I'll help you with that.)

Some people can’t be bothered to write an email anymore. They make a video and send you the link. I would much rather scan words than sit through a video. However, there are some times a video is quicker and easier for the viewer as well as the author/creator.

However, as writers, we have great appreciation of the written word. Reading tends to be our favorite learning style. I’ve surveyed my audience and this is overwhelmingly true.

Some of the complaints about videos are:

  • The need to find the headphones if your computer doesn’t have decent speakers. (Most laptops don’t.)
  • Videos that start automatically
  • Videos that don’t tell you how long the video lasts
  • Videos without controls to pause or stop the playback

A  lot of training is provided by videos now. It’s nice to be able to see someone actually do the steps. However, if you are trying to follow along with the video and do the process yourself, it can be very difficult. Especially if the task involves using your computer. It’s much easier to have written material to follow.

Many authors are creating book videos. You may have been told that creating a book trailer is a must. That may be true. However, you want to make sure you are reaching YOUR audience.

The people who love video may not be readers at all. It doesn’t make sense to spend time and money to reach people who will probably never buy or read your book. Of course when the movie based on your book comes out, they may flock to it.

Of course, if your publisher tells you to create a book video, then it will benefit your career to produce one. I don’t think publishers are getting that involved in promotion these days.

Most of the videos are meant to promote you as well as your books. You can achieve the same results with short audios as well as video. A simple audio or video can let your audience see or hear you.

Soon I will give you some resources to help you make quick videos that will serve your promotion needs.

I am also preparing some WRITTEN training to help you deal with the technology you need to build your online presence.

How do you prefer your training? How do you feel about videos?

If you’ve done trailers for your books, how have they affected your sales?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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