Was Article Video Robot Made Just For Writers?

One of my clients is really starting to ramp up her

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Article Video RobotOne of my clients is really starting to ramp up her online presence. She’s doing a lot of things right, including writing articles. After I congratulated her on her progress, she confessed to me that the thought of creating videos scares her to death.

She knows that video is an important component in book promotion today. She really wants to branch out and include videos in her promotion efforts. But, she really doesn’t know where to start.

I’ve been reviewing a tool that seems to be a great solution for writers. I’m still experimenting with using it, but I’m impressed so far. It could be that Article Video Robot was created with writers in mind.

They advertise that their product makes a video with one click. That’s true if your article is on a popular video directory. However, I don’t recommend taking that much of a short cut. It’s true you can made a decent video in about 5 minutes.

  • Pictures
    • Use pictures they provide.
      • However, most of these are more appropriate for Internet marketers.
    • Upload your own photos.
      • Just make sure you have permission to use them
  • Music
    • Music can add a lot to your videos by evoking emotions
    • Select from their library
    • Upload your own royalty free music
  • Voice Over
    • Choose from their range of voices
      • Use a different voice for each paragraph, if you like
    • Record your own voice
  • Edit your text before generating the audio
    • Re-write each paragraph before recording the voice-over
  • Submit your video to video-sharing sites
    • Download the video and submit to online video sites
    • Use their service and let them submit your videos for you
  • Hosting
    • Host your video on their servers
    • Download your video
      • Host on your own server
      • Host on Amazon S3

If you want to take a short-cut to video production, check out the free trial for Article Video Robot. Use the coupon code authorstools for a 50% discount. They keep improving this tool.


Have you used an automatic video producer? Leave a comment and share.

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